“Where’s the receipt from Costco?”

 My husband has taught me many ways to save. One thing I’m thankful for is his obsession to save receipts. Have you ever picked up food and ended up being disappointed? I sure have, if you’re disappointed after paying for something you should inform the establishment. There are also times when you rush to purchase something and it ends up expired (my mom taught me to check dates before purchasing when I was 7) if you have a receipt chances are you can get your money back or something not expired in exchange. In the picture above I am posing proudly near my fridge which has Costco receipts on it. These receipts are a reminder to return a few items. My husband taught me how saving receipts saves money. A lot of places will take back items and give you store credit.

So ladies and gentlemen whenever you’re grabbing a quick nail polish from CVS or George Foreman from Costco it’s important to take your receipts and store them in a folder somewhere with your bills and other paper work.

Stay tuned on more tips to save…


Nice to meet ya. . .

Hi 👋 I’m Aruj.

So funky

I was born in 1990 in NYC. My parents and siblings welcomed me with loving arms. I was raised as a free spirit. My first language was Urdu. My first accessory request was a purse. My favorite animals are elephants and dogs 🐶  🐘 they’re loyal and highly intelligent.

My favorite spice is turmeric. I love to reap all it’s wonderful benefits. Stay tuned for some of the ways I use turmeric in the kitchen and medicinally.

Throughout my life I’ve always remembered being silly, being serious was so boring. My husband always reminds me of how refreshing my sense of humor is for him. We bump to songs all the way to work and sometimes  the conversations just take over. Any way our commute can sometimes be 2 hours because of traffic in NYC. There’s construction every which way our Waze app points us. We make the best of our commute.

The environment I work in is very different from any other job I’ve ever had. Working with crystals is such a joy. Each crystal makes you feel a special way and has special proprieties. Sharing my knowledge of crystals with my clients at work is a great gift. Helping others is rewarding in itself. I graduated from John Jay College with a BA in English. For me working at the Bookshop is a dream come true.

Working on 5th avenue allows me to use my sense of style to dress for all four crazy seasons. Shopping for me is a game of deals. Never pay full price unless it’s forever 21 or H & M. The past few years I’ve realized that there isn’t any point of spending on designer clothes. Designer handbags, yes! Shoes not so much.  Also remaining comfortable is important. I will be sharing the many ways I save money and still look stylish for every occasion.

Im looking forward to learning a lot more about all of you. Please leave comments and suggestions below

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Stay silly 😜