Suede fringe boots 

Since 2009 I’ve been a member of Shoe Dazzle, it’s a personalized selection of shoes every month for $39.95. You can skip the month the first five days of each month if you don’t want shoes that month. Shipping is free and if you didn’t like the shoes for whatever reason returns are free. The only catch is that if you want your money back they take a percentage or you can get a credit. I know I’ll find something at Shoe Dazzle so I always take the credit.  Living in New York and spending most of my time in the city I learned that it only broke my heart (and wallet) when I spent a lot of money on shoes and wore them out more than twice. I’m not the type of girl to take extreme caution while walking so I guess I don’t deserve $100 heels. 

Shoe Dazzle is has the most fashionable selection of shoes. They cover every season, every occasion, and not to mention every height. Not to mention Shoe Dazzle shoes have been more comfortable for me than Aldo. Since 2009 I’ve received a lot of shoes from Shoe Dazzle. They feature celebrities and stylist as well. They had Rachel Zoe before. This month they have picks from Keke Palmer. 

In September I got a pair of comfy chic boots. The boots are beautiful Bordeaux color. I’ve been wearing them so much because they look so good and are so comfortable. I can wear them to work easily too. Besides those there a pair of faux suede fringe boots I’m obsessed with check them out below 

They have a comfortable heel and go above the knee. They’re also very warm. I can wear them with jeans, dresses, skirts, leggings pretty much anything. 

If you haven’t ever tried Shoe Dazzle I recommend giving it a try. Shoes get ruined so easily I really do enjoy being a member. 


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